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butterflies, fish (mural mosaic by Franka Waaldijk)

butterflies, fish (mural mosaic)

2005 ~ 100 x 250 cm ~ acrylic, varnish, plastics on tiles (private, Beek)



woman man, 2007

woman, man

2007 ~ 100 x 100 cm ~ acrylic, ink on canvas (private, Palau-Saverdera)



on the family bed, 2007

on the family bed

2007 ~ 60 x 80 cm ~ acrylic, ink, cotton on canvas (private via Galerie Gang IJmuiden)



arrow of time symposium 2011

the Arrow of Time (ads and posters)
also see alternative designs.

2011 ~ 84 x 119 cm ~ poster, Radboud University Nijmegen, IMAPP



rhinoceros (sculpture by franka waaldijk, left)


2004 ~ 25 x 60 x 25 cm ~ bronze (private, Scheveningen)



ocho infinito (commissioned by tangoschool el corte, nijmegen)

ocho infinito (1 of many design sketches)

2004 ~ 160 cm diam. ~ Rotating lightobject for tangoschool El Corte, Nijmegen (on view there). A circle of acrylate, transparently painted with acrylics. Diameter 1.6 m, 10 mm thick, weight 35 kg, steel cabled. Mathematical design based on a repeated complex-root transformation of the unit circle to itself [great thanks to Wim Couwenberg]



voorkant folder zwangerschapsbegeleiding, 2003
illustratie folder zwangerschapsbegeleiding, 2003


illustratie oefening in folder zwangerschapsbegeleiding, 2003

pregnancy folder, posters and course materials

Illustrations, text and graphical design ~ Praktijk voor Eigentijdse Zwangerschapsbegeleiding, Nijmegen 2003



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