woman texting on the bed at night (2011, drawing by franka waaldijk)

woman texting on the bed at night

2011 ~ 30 x 21 cm ~ mixed technique on paper


By nature I am a draughtsman. In my drawings my deeper feelings emerge most freely. From the onset I was gripped by drawing, it is as if my hands move of their own accord. (Painting I have really had to learn.).

The poetic world, the delicacy, maybe even the apparent smallness of drawings, touch me in a way very different from paintings.

A drawing strikes me as a window to a small world, to which the viewer is being invited. Where a painting usually works better from a little distance, a drawing invites you to take a step closer, and look subtly.

My drawing techniques are diverse. One can draw with anything, on anything. Often I mix drawing with painting techniques. Emotional depth usually starts from the technique, but the subjects are not coincidental. In my work one often finds classic themes, with a modern and spiritual take. More background on this can be found under themes. The spiritual energy of the drawing is equally determined by the technique and the representation.

Drawing fluently means letting go, in confidence combined with skill. One could call this a `stream of semi-consciousness' (also see philosophy).

On these pages you can find a very limited reproduction of some of my drawings. Many computer screens give colour and lighting aberrations. The small size and limited detail do reality little justice. If you really want to see the work you are welcome to make a studio appointment: see contact.



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