young woman in pink dress (2012, painting by franka waaldijk)

young woman in pink dress

2012 ~ 76 x 50 cm ~ acrylic on board


Art for me is about inspiration, wonder, spirituality. Art that I care for touches deeper layers, behind the surface.

What is reality, really?

In these deeper layers lies all that we hold dear.


Welcome to the site of visual artist Franka Waaldijk. On display is an internet impression of work from 1982 to now. The emphasis is on the recent work. My work consists mainly of drawings, paintings and sculptures. To really see the work, you are very welcome to make a studio appointment in Nijmegen (Netherlands, near Germany). You can also attend regular exhibitions.

In my work one often finds classic themes, with a modern and spiritual take. I don't share the western predilection for realism, and many of my works have aspects in common with outsider art. More background on this can be found under themes and philosophy.

I also create other work (e.g. commissions). Besides this I am active as a mathematician and a writer (see background and mathematics).

Under trijntje fop you can find ± 200 illustrated poems (light verse) in Dutch, on well-known artists and artworks, in the style of the Dutch poet Kees Stip.

Reactions and commissions are welcome.



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