african drummer (1982-2012, beeld van Franka Waaldijk)

african drummer

1982-2012 ~ 30 x 20 x 20 cm ~ clay, acrylic


In my sculptures you will find a clear African influence.

This influence also stretches to my predilection for the classic African subjects: animals and people. In African art philosophies I recognize the spiritual approach. This approach looks for a non-literal form language, with more emotive charge than realism. Finally the African playfulness with subjects and materials forms an indispensable element.

In the past years I find myself captivated by the old tradition of painted sculptures (polychromy). I am for example quite inspired by the beautiful romanesque sculptures of northern Spain, as can be found in Museu Frederic Marès in Barcelona. Painting the form often takes up a lot more time than the form itself.

Another development is formed by playful assemblages and constructions. Deceptively playful, since these are the most work-intensive sculptures. Sometimes also deceptive, because of a serious undertone. In my work one often finds classic themes, with a modern and spiritual take. More background on this can be found under themes.

On these pages you can find a very limited reproduction of some of my sculptures. Many computer screens give colour and lighting aberrations. The small size and limited detail do reality little justice. If you really want to see the work you are welcome to make a studio appointment: see contact.



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